Dining in Luxury

Indulge your taste buds with an array of enticing options: opt for the expertise of our private chef who is ready to craft exquisite gourmet meals on board for you, seek our guidance in coordinating your personal food supply, or explore our top-notch recommendations for fine dining along the Murray River.

Savour a Night of Epicurean Delights

Wouldn’t you love to take a break from the everyday and immerse yourself in a culinary extravaganza? Envision this: our private gourmet chef will send your taste buds on an unforgettable journey, conjuring up a sumptuous feast on the opulent River Dream Boatel, and set against the serene backdrop of the Murray River.

Our culinary team is dedicated to fulfilling all your party’s requirements. From themed dinner events featuring the flavours of the Mediterranean, Moroccan delights, Spanish tapas, to the elegance of a French soirée – the choice is entirely yours.

With a range of styles to choose from, whether you prefer the conviviality of stand-up or the elegance of sit-down tapas, the classic indulgence of a traditional 3-course meal, or the camaraderie of a banquet with delectable dishes meant for sharing, your epicurean dreams are about to come true.

Flexible and Elegant Food Onboard River Dream Boatel

Menu Ideas:

  • Summer Menu Options
  • Degustation with wine pairing optional
  • Long Lunch 11-30am – 4pm
  • Welcome Cocktails & Canapes
  • Selection of Canapes
  • Buffet
  • Grazing table.
  • Sharing Menu
  • 3 course set menu
  • 5 course Dinner Party
  • Themed event with themed catering

​​Streamlined Provisioning Service

When it comes to planning and organising an unforgettable holiday, leave the hard work to us.

Our dedicated provisioning service is poised to deliver a seamless experience, ensuring that you have everything you require for your holiday. Moreover, we possess the insider knowledge needed to conjure up the most delightful and effortlessly prepared meals using the facilities of River Dream Boatel’s kitchen.

Before you even step on board, our expert team will have your groceries and beverages thoughtfully delivered and meticulously unpacked.

Seek our advice for exceptional local produce and premium-quality fresh meat, poultry, fish, dairy, cheeses, condiments, and a selection of fine alcoholic beverages to enhance your culinary adventures.


From the moment the sun kisses the horizon at breakfast, all the way through the day and into the enchanting dinner hours, Mildura’s vibrant ‘eat street’ beckons with an array of delectable options sure to satisfy your every craving.

Among our top recommendations are..


Blk Mlk Specialty Coffee – 51 Deakin Ave, Mildura
Nash Lane – 163-165 Tenth St, Mildura
Bobby & Me – Mildura Riverfront
Glow Nutrition Café – 132a Eighth St, Mildura
Stefanos Café – 27 Deakin Ave, Mildura
Two Black Sheep Café – 136 Tenth St (Vegetarian friendly)

Cafés on the River

Dockside Café – Dockside Marina, Dockside Drive
Café de Caravan – on the waterfront lawns – 1 Hugh King Drive
Café 1909 – Rowers Club Waterfront – Hugh King Drive
Gol Gol Hotel – Gol Gol Riverbank Mooring
Good Golly Café – 30 Adelaide St, Gol Gol
Trentham Estate Winery – Trentham Riverbank Mooring, Trentham Cliffs

Drinks & Dinner

Fossey’s Ginporium & Whiskey Distillery – 110 Eighth St
Sunraysia Cellar Door – 125 Lime Ave
Mildura Brewery – 20 Langtree (Quick Bites)
Thai Riffic – 35 Langtree Avenue
Andy’s Kitchen – Chinese – 73 Lime Avenue
The Grand, Mario’s Bar – Sports Bar/Drinks
Deakin 27 – 27 Deakin Avenue
Chaffey Bar & Grill 224 Deakin Avenue
Ms Lucy – 149 Eighth Street
Grand Hotel – 20 Langtree Avenue
The Province Italian – 29 Langtree Avenue


Mildura Working Man’s Club Bistro – 90 Deakin Ave
Mildura RSL – 130 Madden Avenue

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