State Rooms & Spaces

Every detail of our River Dream Boatel has been crafted with uncompromising attention to luxury and quality. Our top-of-the-line facilities are unrivalled, ensuring that your cruise along the majestic Murray River will be an unforgettable, unparalleled experience.

Indulgent King State Rooms for Unmatched Comfort

At River Dream Boatel, we present an array of 5 premium King State Rooms, each boasting its own ensuite. Our commitment to opulence is evident in every detail, from the 100% down luxury quilts to the crisp white polycotton sheets and the inclusion of two king-sized pillows per person, along with additional blankets for added cosiness.

For a touch of romance, the bedside tables are adorned with granite tops and feature ambient lighting, complete with automatic blind control to set the perfect mood.

Inside each spacious walk-in robe, you’ll discover ample hanging space, shelves, drawers, and coat hangers for your convenience.

Each ensuite is thoughtfully designed with a full-size shower and a luxurious shower head, a generous basin with contemporary tap ware, a full-sized mirror, and a well-appointed toilet. Our selection of lavish toiletries complements the plush towels, hand towels, and wash cloths provided.

The large panoramic windows in every room invite you to recline in utter luxury while you watch our breathtaking Australian river landscapes glide by.

Should you desire, you can enjoy a delightful breakfast in bed prepared by one of our personal chefs, and convenient outside access to the boat is accessible from all rooms.

Rest assured, your safety is our utmost priority, and all rooms are equipped with life jackets for peace of mind.

The Epicurean's Playground: A Gourmet Kitchen and Bar

At River Dream Boatel, our culinary haven is not just a kitchen; it’s an entertainer’s dream. With plenty of room for guests to gather in the adjoining open dining area, it becomes the ideal space for crafting the perfect meal or orchestrating a memorable dinner, party, or cocktail soirée. We’ve left no stone unturned, ensuring that you have all the ingredients for an extraordinary culinary experience, including:

  • White dinner plates, bread plates, entrée plates, soup/dessert bowls, and pasta bowls
  • White coffee mugs, teacups, saucers, glass tumblers, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, and champagne flutes
  • Ample cutlery including knives, forks, bread knives, dessert forks, dessert spoons, soup spoons, and teaspoons
  • Cutting knives of six different sizes plus other general cooking utensils
  • Cutting boards
  • Assorted chrome salad servers and various salad bowls​
  • BBQ tools (2 sets of spatula and tongs)
  • Various cooking aids including pans, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, whisk, rolling pin, colander, sieves, measuring scales, grater
  • Toaster
  • Gas kettle
  • Baking dishes of various sizes
  • Plastic storage containers
  • Muffin and cake cooking trays/tins
  • In-built Miele coffee machine (patrons must supply their own beans)
  • Portable Nespresso compatible coffee machine
  • Basic kitchen cleaning chemicals, dishwasher powder, and tea towels
  • Two sinks, two fridges, freezer, microwave, full gas oven, and dishwasher

The Crown Jewel: River Dream Boatel's Sky Lounge

Undoubtedly, the pièce de résistance of the River Dream Boatel resides at its very core – the Sky Lounge. Accessed through the grand and impressive lobby by way of our sweeping grand staircase, the Sky Lounge serves as the vessel’s command center, a fusion of state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled comfort for you and your esteemed guests.

Within this splendid setting, unwind in our opulent seating, consisting of two triple-seater and three double-seater lounges, accompanied by side tables and softly glowing lamps. Alternatively, step outside to embrace the river’s beauty on our sumptuously carpeted outdoor decks, where luxurious lounges and a chef’s six-burner barbeque await your pleasure.

Dining is elevated to a grand affair at our expansive 12-guest dining table, surrounded by luxury chairs – an ideal setting for a lavish dinner party or an unforgettable conference that will linger in your guests’ memories.

As you savour your journey, the two-story wrap-around viewing windows provide an unparalleled vista of the grandeur of the Murray River, inviting you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery.

Expansive Outdoor Oasis: Your Alfresco Paradise on River Dream Boatel

Step onto the breathtaking outdoor deck of River Dream Boatel, where every moment is a celebration of the natural beauty that surrounds you. This spacious haven seamlessly combines relaxation, entertainment, and the joy of the outdoors.

Immerse yourself in the sizzle of the BBQ and the laughter of friends as you gather in the meticulously designed alfresco space. With top-notch barbecue facilities, this area is a culinary haven for those who relish the joy of outdoor cooking and dining.

Dip your toes into adventure with our lower swim platform, inviting you to swim, splash, or cast a line into the tranquil waters of the Murray River. It’s your personal gateway to aquatic exploration and leisure.

Unwind in style on our thoughtfully arranged outdoor lounge setting. Plush seating, scenic views, and the gentle breeze create an ambiance of relaxation, making it the perfect spot to while away the hours.

As the sun dips below the horizon, our outdoor deck transforms into a front-row seat for nature’s grand finale. Sip cocktails, share stories, and witness the kaleidoscope of colours as you enjoy the serenity of a Murray River sunset.

Elevate your experience with themed parties under the stars. Whether it’s a nautical soirée or a tropical escape, our outdoor deck is a canvas for creating unforgettable moments and themed celebrations.

The outdoor deck on River Dream Boatel isn’t just an extension of your accommodations; it’s a versatile, immersive space designed for every mood, celebration, and shared memory. Welcome to your alfresco paradise on the water.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Seamless Luxury

At River Dream Boatel, we’ve spared no expense to ensure that the technology elevates your experience to extraordinary heights. With a remarkable 85 discreetly integrated computers, our highly sophisticated technology operates so seamlessly that you’ll hardly notice the profound impact it has on your stay.

Our state-of-the-art technology hails from the world over, offering unparalleled control over lighting, blinds, windows, timekeeping, air-conditioning, propulsion, power generation and consumption, and entertainment, all at your fingertips.

For the angling enthusiasts among us, the Sky Lounge is equipped with instrumentation for fish finding, depth measurement, and engine revolutions, along with detailed engine hours and fuel consumption data.

The Sky Lounge boasts a guest-interactive touchscreen PC, providing a feast for the ears with its high-performance, state-of-the-art sound system and six-channel surround sound. Additionally, a magnificent 65-inch Smart TV stands ready to deliver the ultimate late-night movie experience.


Certainly, the greatest feature of Boatel Luxury is at its very heart – the Sky Lounge. Accessed from the impressive Lobby via our sweeping Grand Staircase, The Sky Lounge is the command centre of the vessel featuring the best in technology and comfort for you and your guests.

Relax in our two triple- and three double-seater lounges with side
tables and lamps or stroll out to enjoy the river on our carpeted
outside decks, complete with luxurious lounges and a chef’s six burner

Enjoy dinner at our expansive, 12 guest dining table with luxury chairs – perfect for a sumptuous dinner party or the conference your guests will never forget!

Two-story wrap around viewing windows give you an unrivalled view of the immense Murray River scenery as you enjoy your journey.


No expense has been spared when it comes to technology on Boatel Luxury. Featuring an incredible 85 unseen computers, our highly sophisticated technology is so user-friendly you will not even notice the impact they are having on your stay!

Boatel Luxury features the latest technology from around the globe to control lighting, blinds, windows, clock, air-conditioning, propulsion, power generation and use, and entertainment.

For anglers, the Sky Lounge features instrumentation for fish finding, depth, and engine revs. Further instrumentation includes engine hours and fuel consumption.

The Sky Lounge features our guest-interactive, touchscreen PC for listening pleasure, hi-performance state of the art sound system, six channel surround sound, and a 65-inch Smart TV for the very best in late night movie experiences!

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