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Nestled along the enchanting Murray River, Mildura beckons with its expansive skies, fertile earth, and warm hospitality. Uncover a realm of breathtaking natural beauty intertwined with captivating local histories.

Welcome to the Murray River

Australia’s most fascinating and diverse Murray River. Your gateway to the Outback. 

The Iconic Murray River running 2520 kilometres provides a serene and lush
oasis as well as in contrast meets the harsh and arid landscape running
through some of the country’s most beautiful townships. 


Welcome to Mildura

A Mediterranean Oasis in the Outback:

Often likened to the Mediterranean in the outback, Mildura boasts lush green golf courses, flourishing citrus groves, sprawling vineyards, endless sunshine, and sandy river beaches. The region offers a harmonious blend of diverse landscapes and leisurely charm.

A Cosmopolitan Escape with Bush Spirit:

This enticing city seamlessly blends the allure of a cosmopolitan holiday destination with the laid-back essence of the bush. Mildura is a haven where the best of both worlds converges, creating an atmosphere that’s vibrant, welcoming, and distinctly Australian.

Convenient Proximity:

Mildura is not a distant dream but a conveniently accessible reality. Whether embarking on a 6-hour scenic drive or opting for a quick 40-minute flight from Melbourne, the Mildura region is within easy reach. This romantic oasis promises the comfort of home in an idyllic setting.

Your Gateway to Exploration:

For an in-depth guide to all the wonders Mildura and the Murray River have to offer, visit Visit Mildura. Meanwhile, indulge in some of our personal favourites below—curated just for you.

Embark on a journey where the Murray River unfolds its wonders, and Mildura invites you to be captivated by its unique blend of natural allure and welcoming charm.


Discover the Mighty Murray like a local and come away with a new found love of the land with local expert Peter Kelly at Murray River Off-Road Adventures. Check out beautiful landscapes like Wentworth’s Perry Sandhills!


Explore the historical Mungo National Park. There are many local tours to choose from, depending on what you are after! Check out Discover Mildura to find a tour that suits you.


Keep your holiday at a slow and steady pace with the team at Moontongue Eco-Adventures. Take a guided sunset kayak tour and get up close and personal with the Murray River.


Find out why tourists are flocking to the stunning Lake Tyrell with a tour for both groups and individuals. Visit Sea Lake Tyrell Tours and find a tour to suit you.


Explore Australia’s largest and diverse river, the iconic Murray River, 65 million years in the making… Over time it has witnessed many changes such as earthquakes, huge lakes, warm shallow seas, varying coastlines, climate change and the alteration of the river course.

The Murray River is 2,520 kilometres long and cuts its way from the Australian Alps in Victoria across the flat, vast, old Riverina Plain – through mountains, steep banks, and river red gums, Mallee and the outback, golden limestone cliffs, to the lakes and the mouth near Goolwa South Australia.

The majestic Murray River offers a natural environment of red gum forests, extensive wetlands and National Parks such as Kosciuszko, Hattay-Kulkyne, Mallee Cliffs, Murray Sunset Chowilla Game Reserve are all close by and the Coorong borders its entrance to the sea.


The Murray River provides an oasis of activities and a multitude of experiences that can be enjoyed by all both young and old.
The River Country is a golfers paradise amid beautiful scenery and wildlife.

The Murray River is jam packed with numerous activities to enjoy. Bushwalking, birdwatching, kayaking, campfires, fishing, water skiing, swimming, jet skiing, paddleboarding, hot air ballooning, scenic flights, and onshore tours. Photographers will delight in the gorgeous vivid colours of sunsets, rich red earth, and big blue skies.

Cruise the Murray in style and moor our 5-Star River Dream Boatel Luxury Houseboat at stunning wineries, sandbars, golf courses, and private bush settings. Moor your own floating resort at Ornamental Lakes on the Mildura Riverfront. Flanked by green parklands and coffee caravans, it’s a leisurely stroll to the Mildura Town Center – filled with restaurants, bars, a brewery, hotels, cafes, and cellar doors that love to celebrate the best of a cosmopolitan destination.

View our sample luxury houseboat Itineraries and Local Business Links to ensure that you see the best of Sunraysia on our River Dream Boatel Luxury Houseboat.



• Monak Winery
• Chateau Mildura
• Psyche Pumps
• Trentham Estate Winery & Resturant
• Gol Gol Hotel
• Mildura Ski Club
• Riverside Golf Club


• Coomealla Golf Club
• Orange World
• Apex Park
• Old Mildura Homestead
• Rio Vista
• Ornamental Lakes
• The Avoca Paddleboat
• Lock 11 and Mildura Weir
• Junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers
• Historic Wentworth
• Old Wentworth Gaol

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